Ruth Richardson

New Zealand’s Finance Minister from 1990 to 1993. Made her name by driving New Zealand’s reform agenda forward and laying the basis for the subsequent turnaround of the country’s growth and employment performance.

*Education and attributes:
Honours degree in law (LLB (Hons) from the University of Canterbury in 1972
Admitted to the Bar in NZ as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1972.
An Honorary Doctorate conferred by the University of Canterbury in 2012 for services to finance and business.
A Honorary Doctorate conferred by Universidad Francisco Marroquin in 2016 for the global promotion of high quality public policy reforms
I am a person global in outlook, ambitious for change for countries, companies and individuals to better realise their potential, curious of thought and dedicated to innovation.
I am an activist by nature , healthy, fit and physically active engaging in a wide range of sports, exercise and travel adventures.

*Work history:
1972-75 Department of Justice, Law Reform Division
1975 -80 Federated Farmers of NZ, Legal Adviser
1981-94 Member of Parliament, Selwyn Electorate
1990-93 Minister of Finance
1994 – established Ruth Richardson [NZ] Limited as my business vehicle
1994 to the present – world-wide strategic and economic policy advice plus an extensive range of corporate governance responsibilities
1994 published my book entitled “Making a Difference” (Shoal Bay Press)

*Public office experience:
New Zealand’s reforming Minister of Finance 1990 – 1993
Member of the NZ Parliament, Selwyn Electorate 1981 – 1994
*Banking experience:
Member of the Finance and Expenditure Committee responsible for the passage of the Reserve Bank Act 1989 through Parliament
As Minister of Finance signed the Policy Targets Agreement with the Reserve Bank Governor on taking office in 1990
Served as a Director on the Board of the Reserve Bank from 1999 – 2004
*Coaching experience:
Promotion of high quality public policy:
Extensive world-wide consultancy to sovereign states, international institutions and global business organisations on economic and public policy reforms
Promotion of career development for young people:
Mentoring many young people from many countries to make well informed education and work choices
Promotion of women:
Member of NZ Global Women, an organisation dedicated to advance women into positions of responsibility in business, management, public affairs and governance.
A lifetime of advocacy for women to take their place as political, business and society leaders.