Transformation through Innovation : The foolproof ingredient to economic success Challenging Greece, December 5 2016


T4A explores some inspirational turnaround stories both on a national and entrepreneurial framework, from New Zealand and other countries and presents the fool proof ingredients of economic success and resilience.

T4A joins entrepreneurs in reform, who constantly look for ways to improve the lives of others through innovation & entrepreneurship, reputably the key ingredients to economic success. Throughout the course of this event T4A invites as Key-Note speaker Willem Buiter who has inspired the turn of countries, such as Peru and Iceland, and Honorable Ruth Richardson the pioneer of  reforms in the western economies in the 1990s. It is these reforms that effectively spell out some of the golden rules of transformation distilled from her wisdom and experience. T4A will engage Ruth in sharing how she managed to surpass the deep rooted problems of New Zealand and turn the country around ranking about 93 in the OECD and for the last 21 years ranking #1. Transforming the country from a debt stricken, inflationary, and unattractive to invest and live in, to a country that is now the most attractive in terms of wellbeing, investment and innovation. The 3d speaker is a leading impact investor Ron Cordes who is pioneering, in the US and internationally, investing in innovative sustainable ideas. Growth is all based on ideas and this ought to be the only way forward especially for Greece.

The intention is to create a vibrant and attractive dialogue with a follow up based on our new e-platform.


There is already a large number of T4A followers who anticipate these live dialogues and we look forward to materialize them so as to get the maximum awareness in Greece for reforming the local ecosystem.